11 Armies with the Most Firepower in the World

Firepower is extremely important. A country’s projection of power relies in large part upon its military capabilities. Successfully being able to project and wield that power is a key diplomatic asset. Researchers at Insidermonkey ranks the most powerful militaries in the world based on multiple factors, including available manpower, total labor force, and access to strategic assets. Anyway, if you have slightest interested in military and firepower, you will find this article of Insidermonkey covering 11 armies with the most firepower in the world, really interesting.

The list comprises a balanced collection of advanced and lesser developed nations, based on several factors like their geographical location, natural resource reliance, arsenal strength, and current economic health. It must be noted that nuclear capability and current political/military leadership is not taken into account. Also, land-locked nations are not penalized for not having a standing navy. But in the end, there's only one real way to compare military strength, and thankfully the world hasn't had many opportunities lately. However, plenty of other nations with strong militaries. You can check out another list we published a while back, regarding the 11 African countries with the highest military strength.

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