10 Most Famous Hollywood Socialites

The life of a Hollywood celebrity is very, very trying: parties, shopping, red carpets, more parties, filming bad reality television, yet another party, counting all that money. How do they ever find the time to fit it all in? To answer the question, researchers at Insidermonkey put together an article featuring most famous Hollywood socialites who are creating the stir around the world. If you have interest in celebrity lifestyle, go ahead and read the article, you are gonna love it!

How do you define somebody as a Hollywood socialite? Is it because she is among the country’s richest? Or is fame the primary criterion? Or is beauty the number one consideration? On the other hand, some may define a socialite as somebody who is young and gorgeous, while some may argue that a socialite is one who is a party animal and makes moneys from her public appearances. Or is she somebody who is just famous for being famous, especially in this Internet age where the cult of celebrity reigns? People may be fighting forever for the precise definition of what a Hollywood socialite is, but here are celebrities who are widely regarded in the media as among the most famous Hollywood socialites. And speaking of celebrity trends, see who else has been trending with our other list of 10 Biggest Youtube Sensations in 2015.

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