10 Best Selling Luxury Car Brands in the US

Lately, economic indicators point to a strengthening economy, which means more Americans are choosing luxury cars than in recent years. If you're considering an upgrade to a premium car, you should know about these top 10 best selling luxury car brands in the US. There is a reason these brands became bestseller.

As you’ll see, the luxury car market in the United States is dominated as much by horsepower and performance as it is by leather interiors and ergonomics. All of the traditional brands are here and the various car lines and series you would expect to see are all represented. What is surprising is that the luxury market is as much the domain of the crossover and small SUV as it is the sedan or coupe. Clearly demonstrating the demand for crossovers among the population, luxury brands have made a point of offering many high-end options for the owners who need room for the family but don’t want a minivan. On the other hand, if US cars are your thing, you might be interested in the 7 cars with most American made parts.

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