5 Most Obscure Programming Languages

Programming languages are supposed to be easy to use and learn. They should give you structure and allow you to solve real problems. Their syntax should be clear and understandable, and their implementations bug-free and fast. Sometimes programming language designers create a language that goes against these principles, either as research or for fun, in case you want to know. Insidermonkey presents you with an article of 5 most obscure programming languages.

You know your variables and you know you declarations. You can write something advanced. But if you think that you know every programming logic in the world, think again. Programming and logic co-exist. one is a Siamese twin of the other. But there are some very strange and bizarre programming languages which have turned logic on its head and have still managed to stay true to the science of communication with a computer. Anyway, the article I am talking about featured those obscure programming languages you probably never heard of. Just check it out yourself! To be honest, there are mostly no practical uses for them. They’re not what I had in mind when I listed programming as one of the 6 hobbies you only need a computer for.

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