11 Cities with Most Doctors per Capita in America

With all the talk about a looming physician shortage in the US, it’s instructive to see where the US falls in terms of physicians per capita. No matter where you live, you've likely had trouble getting a doctor's appointment more than once in your life. And if you live in certain cities, that wait has potential to be dangerously long. In case you want to avoid these cities, there is an article on the Insidermonkey featuring the list of 11 cities with most doctors per capita in America.

There are many reasons to choose a city to live in, but most of them revolve around our basic needs: employment, cultural stimulation and education. But sooner or later, we all need healthcare, whether it’s a routine doctor’s visit or a trip to the emergency room. Anyway, you should know that, states with a higher doctor-to-resident ratio share some common attributes. Generally, the states with high median incomes tend to have more doctors per capita, while poorer states tend to have substantially fewer. Among the states with the most practicing physicians per capita are five of the six wealthiest states by median income in the country. So, take your pick! And if you want to compare these american cities with the rest of the world, check out these 11 countries with most doctors per capita to see which countries hire the most doctors in the world as well.

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