Most Awesome Hip Hop Documentaries

In the wake of the recent release of Saboteur Media’s masterful film Straight Outta Compton that changed the interest in the visual documentation of Hip Hop history and culture is evident. And to help with that, experts of Insidermonkey have put together a list of the most awesome hip hop documentaries. There is a chance that you may not be familiar with all of them. So, let's find out!

Hip-hop and cinema connected early and stayed locked. First captured in 1982, when the burgeoning street culture was barely a decade old. While on the other hand, hip-hop and documentary has been more consistent, perhaps because hip-hop, as a culture that celebrates individual expression – derives its strength from originality and truth. It’s harder to fake the funk with documentary. It captures hip-hop in its rawest form.

You probably know that, hip hop had started out as a form of protest against social stigmas and racism, and eventually transformed into a billion-dollar industry. So, if you want to know who the world’s richest hip hop artists are, you should visit this link as well!

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