5 Hotel Chains Preferred by Cheating Couples

It's no secret that unethical affairs generally take place in hotel rooms and away from the family home. And though hotels would prefer to sell themselves as destinations for business travelers and families, a lot of the revenue hotels see comes from infidelity. Even, some of  the hotels make most of their money from cheating couples rather than usual customers. In case you want to avoid such places, you should check out the article experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the top 5 hotel chains preferred by cheating couples.

There are many reasons why people choose to cheat on their husbands, wives, and partners. One thing they all have in common is that they don’t want to be caught. Instead of taking the risk of cheating on home turf, couples take to the nearest hotels for the privacy they sorely need. Hotels are private, discreet and they’re perfect for a meeting you don’t want the world to witness. There’s a lock-and-key door, a bed, a shower to clear off the evidence, and drapes to draw over the windows. When cheaters have only one thing on their minds, a hotel room is easily the most convenient and safest location. But surely, hotels are not the only place, where these cheaters meet. It can also be limited to other ways of physical contacts and is overall called adultery. To find out where adulterous people mostly reside, check out 10 most adulterous countries in the world.

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