10 Most Googled Music Artists in 2015

Despite only coming back onto the scene in October 2015, Adele dominates Google's year-end lists. The singer was the top trending music artist on Google last year, according to Google's Year in Search review. But what about the rest? If you are curious, there is an article of Insidermonkey on the top 10 most googled music artists in 2015. Check it out yourself, and let us know if your favorite one is missed.

The list is maybe a little surprising, I thought we'd see Drake on there, but it doesn't include any EDM artists. Electronic dance music feels like an outdated narrative by now, as it seems like more or less a fact that it has already successfully infiltrated the mainstream, but if these numbers are right, clearly it's not as popular as it's sometimes made out to be. And not just artists, the Google has released lists of the most searched for queries throughout the year, including the top 10 most googled movies in 2015 as well. In case you are not a fan of music, and have more passion for movies, the list I just mentioned might be more interesting to you.

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