11 US Cities with the Most Pleasant Weather for Retirees

If you want to find some of the best retirement spots in America, my advice to you is this: Head for the cities. where there is plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. Even in spots that have extremely cold winters, retirees are still able to leave their homes and enjoy a breath of fresh air. In turn, many of the most active communities tend to have the happiest residents. Now, if you want to know the best cities suited for retirement, there is a list compiled by the experts of Insidermonkey featuring 11 US cities with the most pleasant weather for retirees.

Many people dream of moving to a new location in retirement. When you are no longer tied to your job you can finally take off for a warmer climate, pursue your hobbies, or simply move closer to your grandchildren. Selecting a place to retire requires a great deal of thought and planning. Moving to a lower cost locale than where you live now can give your nest egg a much needed boost. Make sure that any place you move to has quality health care facilities in case you need them. However, if you think, the climate condition of the U.S. is not good enough, you might want to check out these 21 cities with the best climate in the world year round instead.

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