11 Most Expensive Countries in Europe

You might think life here in America is expensive. But it turns out that when compared to the rest of the world, the U.S. doesn't even make the list of the most expensive countries. While many countries in Europe made it to the list. Surely it is not a good thing, and if you are planning to move there, you must know about these 11 most expensive countries in Europe.

There are various factors due to which the living cost in these countries are increased such as monetary value, investment, interest rate, exchange rate and currency of the country. Cost of living is considered to be very high in the developed countries. Survey of the economists of Insidermonkey covered almost countries of the Europe. And according to the survey, these countries are considered to be most expensive. It is because the economists do the survey of cost of living of many countries, and the cost of living was much expensive in these countries as compared to all other countries of the world. Now if you are curious about the names, just visit the link above and read all about these expensive European countries.

Moreover, if you want to compare these countries with other part of the world, there is another list on the 11 most expensive countries in Africa for you!

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