Most Expensive Rugs in the World

he rug or carpet of a room contributes a significant portion of a value of a home. It is the often the first thing you notice walking into a house and is a central feature for communal spaces such as the lounge or dining room. But the owners of these next few extravagant rugs took the concept of quality to a whole other level. For your enjoyment, check out the list Insidermonkey published on the most expensive rugs in the world, and see if you can afford them!

We are all aware how expensive it can be to lay carpet or flooring and now it would seem purchase a rug. Each of us has our own personal preferences when it comes to decorating and of course our own budgets to work within. What if you didn’t have a budget and you were in the market for a new rug? Well it would seem that in the world of rugs money sometimes isn’t an issue. Below we have compiled a list of the five most expensive rugs which money can buy; so expensive are these rugs that the purpose for which they were recently acquired surely could not be that of protecting flooring or walking over. By the way, speaking of expensive rugs, you need a good house worth decorating. So, lets check out The Ten Most Expensive Homes in the World.

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