Most Expensive Items on Amazon

While some people may resort to Amazon to buy bulk items on the cheap, the online retailer has a whole treasure trove of oddly expensive items to offer as well. Some items are priced extremely high because they're rare, others are costly because they're luxury items, and some we can't quite figure out. Regardless of the reason, you'll need tons of cash to afford anything on this list of Insidermonkey. So, read along and know about these most expensive items on Amazon.

Going over the most expensive things you can buy on Amazon yielded a whole bunch of artwork. But with this list, we are going to explore some of the things you can purchase and actually use, as opposed to just purchase and “appreciate”. Included in this list are industrial products available from third party sellers, but not items that are closely related to each other, bulk items, or joke items. Keep in mind that new high-priced items pop up for sale all the time, this is just a list of what is currently the most expensive. Also, you can check out these 10 best selling items on Etsy as well.

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