Most Expensive Day-Care in New York City

Imagine a day at school spent speaking Spanish, playing the violin, cooking, learning mathematics and getting plenty of exercise. That's a peek into the routine at some of the most exclusive preschools in the country. And if you want an exclusive, fancy take care for your toddler, it's going to cost you. In case you want detailed information on this, check out this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive day-cares in New York City.

What do day care do? They deliver early childhood education to toddlers. The theory is that children learn social skills, some basic pre-literacy and pre-math skills and world awareness. A little art, making things out of clay and exercise are thrown into the mix. Some schools are half day while others offer the option of half day or full day. So what is the point of exclusive, expensive preschools? Education is big part of it. Americans tend to think that the sooner they start school, the more kids can learn. For well heeled over achievers, it’s also about fast tracking their child’s academic career.  Day care today, Harvard later.

Moreover, as prestigious and popular as these day-cares are, the admission process is extremely strenuous and stressful, especially for the parents. Much like the 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world.

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