Cheapest Places to Retire Abroad

When some people think of retirement, they imagine taking long trips to far-away places. But what if you could spend your retirement not just visiting these destinations, but living in one? That's a total different thing, and there are so much to consider. And that's why, to help you with this hard research, experts of Insidermonkey came up with the list of the Cheapest Places to Retire Abroad. Just take a look!

The concept of moving abroad in retirement is usually associated with adventure, good food and the freedom to explore other parts of the world. But  for a certain percentage of would-be retirees, the decision to retire in a foreign country is one based mostly on economics. Why? Because it is often far less expensive to put roots down in developing countries with less-established economies. And that makes sense. After all, it takes more than a roomy budget for someone to be happy in the expensive part of the world.

Moreover, if you’re conflicted between finding the cheapest place and finding the best place, we recommend you go through our previous feature story on The 5 Best Places to Retire Abroad so you can see and compare some of the other retirement possibilities as well.

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