Largest Private Yachts in 2014

Ownership of a luxury yacht is synonymous of unrivaled wealth, a status symbol and floating extravagance that only the world’s richest can possibly afford. They first began to appear at the beginning of the 20th century when wealthy individuals started to commission the construction of large private yachts for their own personal pleasure. To know more about them, just visit the Insidermonkey and read the article on the largest private yachts in 2014.

The yachting life is one filled with luxury, relaxation and class. Today’s yachts are filled with more technology, gadgets, and amenities than most five-star hotels. In them you can find bars, swimming pools, hot tubs, 1000 thread count linens and oh so much more. All this comes at a rather steep price. Luxury yachts have always been a frivolous purchase, but there’s a significant difference between purchasing a yacht and purchasing one of the yachts on this list. If you want the best money can buy you’ve come to the right place. Here are the most expensive private yachts in the world. Also, to see what we mean by the costs of some of the largest and most outlandish modern boats, and not just yachts, take a look at our previous feature on the Most Expensive Boats In the World.

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