Forms of Proof that there is No God

Finally, atheists can proudly announce that we have proof that there is no God, and indeed any god that believers in such things might care to name. And this isn’t just some flimsy bit of rhetoric thrown together to fill a logical gap in a debate, experts of Insidermonkey found some irrefutable evidence that proves beyond any doubt that there simply are no gods in the universe.

Some people falsely believe that it is impossible to prove the nonexistence of anything, but they are wrong. It can, for example, be proved that there is no even prime number greater than two. Other people use to say that there is no way to prove if there is a god or not, or even that we cannot get any knowledge of god. My opinion as a strong atheist, is that we can in fact prove that god does not exist in the physical world.

Also, since we are talking about theories, you know, you have to be educated enough to understand these. So, lets see what The 10 Most Educated Countries in the World are.

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