The 5 Best iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android

One of the best things about owning an iPhone is that you get a lot of the newest apps first before they arrive on Android. It may not be fair, but it's a great perk for iPhone users. That means there's always something new to try. If you are an android user, you should know what you are missing. And to find out, just visit the Insidermonkey and read the article on the best iOS apps you can’t get on Android.

Pesently there are more than one million apps in Apple’s App Store and according to Research, app sales will reach $100 billion by 2020. When it comes to a mobile operating system, Android is undoubtedly the most popular one in the world. But the best apps hit the iOS marketplace first, and Android ends up waiting for some time before developers port their apps over to it. Apple has one big advantage compared to Android thanks to its App Store. There are loads of amazing apps, by some incredible developers, that simply don't find their way onto other smartphones. They would hate to admit it, but the iOS App Store makes Android users green with envy.

However, grass on the other side is always greener! So to speak, check out these 11 Best Android Apps You Can’t Get on iOS as well.

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