10 Most Overused Excuses in the World

If we try, we can always find a reason not to do what we want to do, and it can seem perfectly valid. We can convince ourselves that we’re being smart, realistic, or safe, or that we don’t even really want it. We’re great at justifying the status, because we know exactly what that’s like, even if it’s dissatisfying. The unknown can feel terrifying. But somewhere in that same realm where anything could go wrong is everything that can go right. In my efforts to keep moving beyond my comfort zone, I found the most overused excuses in the world compiled by experts of Insidermonkey. Just check them out and see how often you use them in your life!

Have you ever noticed that there aren't enough long weekends? Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, maybe Columbus Day and President's Day if you're lucky. For most people, three or four day weekends are months apart, and that's WAY too long to wait to have a day off! We all need some extra time off for various reasons - to go shopping with a friend, to go to the beach, to lie in bed until noon reading trashy novels, to watch the daytime soaps. There are So many good reasons.

Nevertheless, in some cases, getting late might cost you a job position or a chance to have another date. Sometimes, there are no excuses for some of The 8 Worst Mistakes Made on First Dates. Of course dating is never easy, but some things should definitely be avoided. And arriving late to one is never a good way to start it.

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