7 Most Expensive Weddings of All Time

Wedding is one of the most important moments in everybody's life and people spend too much on their weddings as they want to make it very special and memorable. We would like to tell you about the most expensive weddings of all time. Let’s read an article on Insider Monkey which has a list of seven most expensive weddings of all time.

Sometimes to have a fairy tale wedding, all you need is the perfect partner and good wishes from your loved ones. But, then there are the couples who have raised the bar with the grandest weddings the world has ever seen. These are the multi-millionaires and elite couples who have definitely not held back in celebrating their big day and have shown the world how it’s done in style.

They have redefined what a fairy tale wedding could be like and while some of them have been the Royal Weddings the world has joined in on, others have been more of a private affair where only the who’s who of the world have had the privilege to attend. But, all of them have been the most lavish parties ever of course, because when it comes to celebrating their love trust these couples to go all out on the extravaganza. To read more, please visit 7 Most Expensive Weddings of All Time.

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