The 7 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Public courtship and cringey PDAs are all very well, but it's not a proper celebrity wedding unless you've blown enough cash to bail out a high street bank. Here's a look by experts of Insidermonkey at the most expensive celebrity weddings in history.

The celebrity wedding is the Super Bowl of event planning. Since budgets are typically a non-issue, superstar nuptials are beyond lavish. But it’s the access enjoyed by celebrities that truly differentiates their receptions from those of even the very wealthy. Renowned designers personally oversee made-to-order gowns; celebrity chefs are wrangled to handle catering; and even venues typically off-limits or prohibitively expensive to the general public are fair game for the famous. It will never cease to amaze me how much some couples spend on their weddings.

I suppose the logic is that if you have the money, why not spend it even if it's a one day celebration of a union that has a 50 percent of failure. That divorce statistic, by the way, is scientifically exact for the celebrity couples featured in this Top expensive celebrity weddings. And while we are at it, you should also make sure to check out our list, They Did What? 9 Celebrities Who Lost it in Public as well.

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