The 10 Best LoL Teams in the World

Who is the best in the world at League of Legends? That’s a question that should be answered in a couple of months, right after the World Championships, but until then, it’s up for debate. And while I don’t necessarily agree with all of their picks, it’s interesting to look at how the experts of Insidermonkey have ranked the best LoL teams in the world.

Worlds always ends the debate at the end of the year. Every month leading up to October we wonder what would happen if the best teams clashed. Our favorite teams evolve every year, and even World Champions fall eventually. Will Faker and SKT rule over the ashes of Korea? Will the Korean exodus bring EDG to new heights in China? Can Cloud9 finally break through as a World championship contender? Will Rekkles continue Elements' legacy of dominance? Over the course of the next week, we’re counting down who we see as the best teams in the world right now. While we've ordered the teams in this article series, many of the teams have rosters that have played few games together. We are speculating on their relative strength right now based on the players' and teams' performance in the past and how we imagine they will play together.

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