The 15 Biggest Coffee Drinking Countries in the World

With a Starbucks on almost every corner, McDonalds converting to McCafe, and Dunkin Donuts as an integral part of many morning commutes, it's hard to believe that anyone drinks more coffee than Americans. Yet, on a per capita coffee consumption basis, the USA is medium sized beverage, in a sea of extra large coffee drinking nations. If you have any doubt, check out the list experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the biggest coffee drinking countries in the world.

It’s funny because countries in Scandinavia often win awards for being the happiest people too. Many caffeine related studies are often performed on Scandinavians because of their high rate of consumption. If caffeine was causing harm, it would most likely be seen in those populations first. Brazil is expected to pass the USA soon in regards to caffeine consumption and it is projected that China will be more caffeine addicted in the near future as they have the largest emerging middle class, coffee drinking population on the planet. Starbucks is betting a lot on this projection as they have big plans for thousands of new stores in China. After all, The United States consumes the most coffee overall, followed by Germany, Japan and France. Remember this is overall consumption, not consumption per capita, meaning these relatively small countries are consuming an impressive amount of caffeine yearly.

While we are at it, Tea is another delicious and essential drink of the world. And people often take tea, instead of coffee. However, tea drinking countries, they are totally different from the coffee lovers. Check out the the 10 Biggest Tea Drinking Countries in the World and you will know.

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