The 10 Countries With the Largest Debt

During the financial crisis, many national economies have looked to their government and foreign lenders for financial support, which has translated to increased spending, borrowing, and, in most cases, growing national debt. And with the current Greece issue, everyone is interested in knowing about the countries with the largest debt in the world. If you are one of them, just click on the link and visit the article on Insidermonkey.

Countries that ran wild with spending through the boom years are now seeing their debt problems come home to roost. Insidermonkey ranked the 15 countries with the worst debt to GDP ratios to point out what the market thinks of their outlook. Many of the expected names make the cut, like troubled European states Portugal and Ireland, while some surprising titans feature too. Most individuals have a limit on the amount of debt they can acquire. This is because, at some point they will no longer be able to service the debt and bankruptcy or default will ensue. We also saw how excessive debt can damage an economy with the recent global crisis. When it comes to borrowing, the federal government has much more leeway than state government or individuals.

So, what are the world’s biggest debtor nations? Click ahead to find out. However, leaders of nations barely cafe about it and these nations will never read some of the best finance blogs, not even to improve their economy. While on the other hard, an individual like you can learn a lot. So, please check it out as well!

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