The 10 Longest Wars of All Time

Throughout the history of humans on earth, war has been a seemingly inevitable consequence. Sometimes these wars are extremely brief, but a number of wars have lasted for years – even decades. What makes this list a bit different is that there is a lack of agreement as to how long some of these wars really lasted. Experts of Insidermonkey done their best to do the math for you and come up with an article on longest wars of all time. If you are interested in topic, check it out!

On May 19, 1643, French Bourbon  forces beat Spanish forces allied with the Hapsburgs at the battle of Rocroi during the 30 Years War. The Korean War, fought from 1950 to 1953 is a good example of that, with no peace treaty ever signed the 2 Koreas (North and South) are still technically at war.  World War II ended in 1990 when a reunified Germany signed the peace treaty. Here we list 10 of the longest wars of all time. A note to keep in mind is that not all historians agree on starting and ending dates for wars, so you may well find some discrepancies if you research this topic.

Moreover, as we are discussing about the wars, you should know about these most militarily powerful countries in the world as well. You can see, most of these countries actually were actually responsible for the wars we discussed about.

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