13 Worst Looking Foods that Taste Great

As much as we love gawking at gorgeous food porn, we think some worst looking foods also deserve special attention. Sure, the close-up view of the insides of an oyster, passion fruit or bitter melon might make you gag a little, but their taste and nutrition far outweigh their aesthetic appeal. So, if you are a fan of these type of food, you should check out the list of worst looking foods that taste great which experts of Insidermonkey compiled.

If you haven’t yet heard about the goblin shark, let us introduce you to the most terrifying thing we’ve seen this year, and we lived through the first day ramps were available at the farmers’ market. A shrimper caught this over 15-feet-long monstrosity in the Gulf of Mexico before releasing it back in the water. This means it’s still out there, but not before snapping a few photos to terrify the rest of us. Now, not that we’re lining up to eat goblin shark, but being a food publication and all, this news did get us talking about some of the other gnarly-looking food we happily toss down our gullets. From geoduck clam to black truffles, we love these foods for their great personalities. After all, We shouldn't judge a food by its looks, but in the case of these hideous but delicious foods, sometimes we can't help it.

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