The 10 Best Airline Stocks to Invest In

There’s an old Wall Street joke about how to end up with $1 million worth of airline stocks: Start with $10 million. But over the past two years, the joke has been on investors who have stayed away from this perennially troubled industry. Airline stocks soared in 2013 and 2014, and many individual airline stocks rising even more. So it is time to give some interested in the airline stocks, and to help you with that, there is an article on Insidermonkey on the best airline stocks to invest in.

The results of most airline stocks in the closing quarter of 2014 benefited from low fuel costs. This was because fuel costs account for a major chunk of an airline's operating expenses. The cut in oil prices has reduced operating expenses significantly for carriers, thereby aiding their bottom lines. Lower jet fuel prices have been a boon for the airline industry given the inversely proportional relation between crude prices and the value of aviation stocks.

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