Most Popular Cocktails in the World

Hey cocktail lovers! I just read an article on the Insidermonkey about the most popular cocktails in the world. As a cocktail lover, it is time you should try one of these most popular cocktail in the world as well. Click on the link and look, what Top Dreamer of the Insidermonkey Chose for you.

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients. Generally women prefer cocktails than other alcohol drinks because of easier drinking experience. Still men should know about cocktails if they are into a ‘’little’’ drunk women if you know what i mean. This is list about most popular cocktails around the world. We who like to mix drinks at home do it for many reasons: First, it's cheaper than drinking out. Second, it's fun to mix your own drinks at home. Third, it's even more fun to mix drinks for other people at home.

Anyway, drinking habits and booze preferences also vary from one culture to another, and since you are interested in cocktails, you should check out the ten most popular songs of all time as well. They surely will be more entertaining after a good cocktail!

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