10 Most Profitable Coins and Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2018

As more and more people are involved in cryptocurrencies, the pioneering Bitcoin is getting more value as the one of the strongest coins and cryptocurrencies out there. Since that is the case, it is becoming harder to get Bitcoin and mine it as well. Bitcoin mining seems to be profitable if you hire professional miners using expencive ASICs. And that is not profitable to everyone.

There are still many other possibilities if you are into the cryptocurrency mining. That leaves you to severl mining choices, some of them being GPU or CPU:

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in general includes support of graphics card, which was developed by NVIDIA (for personal computers) for purposes of acceleration of deep learning, analytics and engineering. So, while CPU (Central Processing Unit) works with several cores by sequential processing, GPU has many smaller units which perform tasks at the same time, which makes completing tasks faster. But, on the other hand, CPU, although not working simultaneously, works faster on completing individual tasks. And considering CPU vs. GPU in coin and cryptocurrency mining at home computers, opinions differ. Some people do both, but then face the hardware problems (overheating) and higher electricity bill (yes, cost of running the processor should also be taken in mind), while others use GPU or CPU only. Some of the leading GPUs for coin and cryptocurrency mining are NVIDIA and AMD nowadays.

Whatever your mining preference (and possibility on this matter) would be, it is good to know coin and cryptocurrency trends. That means you should follow them cautiously in order to make the best choice for mining. There are a lots of ways to find out which coins pay off the most at certain moment on various websites specialized in filtrating best options for you depending on your computer hardware preferences. Nevertheless, if you want to get the insight at the most popular and coins that pay off the most for mining at this moment, we can recommend you the digest of 10 Most Profitable Coins and Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2018.

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