7 Easiest Jazz Instruments to Learn

If you are into the jazz music, you probably know how diverse and innovating jazz music is even after more than 100 years of its existence. The roots of jazz music go back in 19th century New Orleans, where various music styles were combined into a new musical expression. The first jazz, known as Dixieland jazz was inspired by ragtime and blues African-American music. Almost immediately after the first jazz orchestras were formed it has become one of the most popular and mainstream music styles not only in America but throughout the world:

After the establishing the unique, recognizable sound, since 1920s jazz has become the most popular music of its time, and became known as “Chicago” jazz style. During that time jazz has gotten the swing element, which has become one of the trademarks of jazz onwards. Legendary Louis Armstrong was the star of that era. That was the beginning of the Jazz Age, an era of the book of jazz music and development of unique artistic expression on other fields of art, which ended after some decade after, with the beginning of the Great Depression. Nevertheless during that time jazz music has become widespread not only in the US but throughout the world.

Apart from the Chicago style, new ages have brought new ideas and experimentations and that lead to creation and separation of many jazz subgenres. That has also introduced many new instruments into the jazz music. But some of the “classical” instruments that were used in first jazz bands include trumpet, violin, piano, saxophone, banjo, guitar, drums, string bass, clarinet to name the most common ones. Nowadays, there is a division of instrument groups that characterize a jazz band: horn section and rhythm section as the most important ones, and the others which include woodwind instruments, guitars, violins and whatever else.

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