20 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Roads in the World

Why do people love dangerous roads? Moreover, you might even ask yourself how were they build in the first place? Well, half of them are shaped by nature. Meaning, their shape depends on the natural characteristics of the terrain along the road path. The other half is human-made. During the construction of, for example, Karakoram Highway, around 900 people have died. And even after its construction, because of the carves and other things, people keep on having traffic accidents.

On the other hand,  if you are an adventurous type of person, then reading about 20 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Roads in the World will maximally excite you! The thing is, even though these roads look unstable and cause us fear, at the same time, most of them are located In the most beautiful natural landscapes. Enjoy!

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