16 Healthiest Countries in the World 2017 List

Have you ever wondered how much a lifestyle impacts your health? Sometimes there is not much time to think and reconsider what to eat for example, and we all go to the first fast food kiosk. And then it happens again. And again. But of course, if continued, that kind of diet leads to serious health issues, like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes which are one of the leading causes of all the major diseases that are one of the main mortality reasons in many countries – coronary diseases, cancers. Together with bad nutrition, alcohol and tobacco are also one of the biggest triggers for a whole spectre of diseases.

So, combined, good diet and exercising on regular basis have a good impact on health. On the contrary, obesity, alcohol and tobacco use are one of the health’s worst enemies. Some of the unhealthiest countries in the world are among the top in the use of tobacco and alcohol. That brings Eastern Europe as the region with the least healthy countries in the world, according to research, having heavy drinking culture and high obesity rate.

General health of society is not only individual issue. Some people exercise more and eat healthier which is of course matter of choice. But advertising and promoting healthy lifestyle is one thing that will bring the awareness to more people. Gaining knowledge about the main health issues and causes of diseases is one important step for each individual towards healthier lifestyle, and that is the responsibility if higher instances. Some countries are more successful in spreading the awareness than others of course. On one hand, that is general status of the country, the wealthiest the country is, the more topics it will have covered for example. SO, if you are interested to see which are the most successful countries on this issue, go to  16 Healthiest Countries in the World 2017 List and find out more.

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