26 Worst, Most Feared, Biggest Gangsters in The World

Dangerous gangs are everywhere, and they commit countless crimes every day all around the world. Some of these dangerous groups are local while others that are well organized become international and spread everywhere. According to an FBI report, criminal gangs are responsible for about 48 % of violent crime in most jurisdictions while the numbers reach 90% in rest. 
America's cities are filled with dangerous gangs ready to do anything for money. Some of the names in the gangster world are so familiar that anyone knows them such Pablo Escobar or Al Capone. But they are not the only gangster the world will remember. In 26 Worst, Most Feared, Biggest Gangsters in The World, there is an entire list of them and they are all almost equally cruel and ruthless. Take a look at the article to find out what these names are. 

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