12 Countries with the Dirtiest Air in the World

Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 12 countries with the dirtiest air in the world and these countries have very, very high levels of PM2.5 particles which have been linked with lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, bronchitis, asthma and many other health issues. Most of us are aware of pollution caused by vehicles, industry and oil drilling but very few know about dangers of so-called "household" pollution. There are two types of pollution: indoor and outdoor pollution. Outdoor air pollution is caused by harmful gases produced by factories, power plants and of course, vehicles. Heavy metals and other pollutants area easily spread by a wind which means that no country is safe as long as global changes do not happen. This explains why dirties air is concentrated in specific areas/countries. Countries with the dirtiest air often include developing countries which are close to each other. 

Industrial growth and urbanization aggravate the problem even more, especially in countries which are not economically stable and have no means to implement eco-friendly solutions and reduce air pollution.Problems with indoor pollution are much more frequent in developing countries because people are not educated about air pollution and ecology and first of all because they do not have resources to use eco-friendly fuels. Instead, they use whatever they have, including, wood, cow dung, coal, charcoal and even trash and old tires. These practices produce high levels of pollutants such as fine particles and carbon monoxide. Exposure is higher in women and children because they tend to spend more time indoors. Insider Monkey's list also shows that a lot of countries whose economy depends on oil industry have very polluted air. Reason for this is, of course, the very process of oil production which pollutes the air to large extent. Anyhow, it is crucial to raise awareness of air pollution on a global level. After all, the air we breath is crucial for our existence and well being.

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