Top 13 Best, Most Expensive Apps for iPhone in 2017

“Technology lovers and iPhone owners, this list may be of huge interest for you, since it will deal with top 13 best, most expensive apps for iPhone in 2017.

I am definitely one of those iPhone owners who has never ever bought an app in their life, but I had the luck that all of those apps I need are free. In short, I am not a demanding user, so I have lived in ignorance for all these years, not knowing that there are some apps that can cost you a fortune and that you really need to be rich to get them. Or simply, a good hacker, but maybe we can skip that for now. However, while working on this list, I found out so many interesting things, and I was amazed how much money can app developers earn. That made me repent my profession, seriously!”

The list of top 13 best, most expensive apps for iPhone in 2017 brings some of the most expensive apps for this year, and you would definitely be astonished by the prices you see on the list.  Among them, there are apps such as games, some productivity apps, and even some (if I may say so) useless apps that are not worth paying for, let alone giving the whole fortune in order to have them on your iPhone. However, it seems that people also show their financial power by buying such expensive apps, and app developers are obviously aware of it. Make sure to check out the list, and see whether there are some apps that you would not mind paying for! 

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