17 Countries with the Biggest Drug Problems in the World

Drug use is one of the biggest problems in the world but it is also a source of income for many people around the world. Countries that are known as drug trafficking countries have numerous issues closely connected with drug trade and violence is much higher. According to the United Nations Drug Office on Drugs and Crime report for 2017, 29.5 million people around the world suffer from drug use disorders. Beware that this number refers only to those people who suffer from drug-related disorders and not the number of drug users. Opioids are the most harmful type of drug, accounted for 70% of negative health impact associated with drugs. “Opioids” is a term used for the entire family of opiates including synthetic and natural opioids. Opiates cover a large range of drugs, some of which can be legally acquired. Examples of opiate include heroin, morphine, oxycodone, codeine, etc.

Usage of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin is on the increase. Even more problematic is the fact that millions of people are addicted to painkillers and other drugs that are medically prescribed and legal. Data shows that even doctors make mistakes and prescribe highly addictive painkillers to treat chronic pain or some conditions that can be treated without a regular usage of painkillers. For this reason, addiction and drug problems are high in many developed countries. Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 17 countries with the biggest drug problems in the world and it is very interesting how some of these countries deal with drug-related problems. The very familiar way of dealing with drug issues is to give strict punishments to drug offenders (both dealers and users) in order to emphasize that drug use is not acceptable. However, countries like Portugal that decided to decriminalize use of drugs show better results in reducing drug abuse. 

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