15 Highest Paying Vocational Careers With Least Amount of Schooling

We all go through that dilemma after graduating from high school where we wonder what to do next. If we opt for a college education, we are likely to be left with a huge debt while prospects of finding employment are slim or we can go to a trade school and learn a skill that we can use to make money. 
A college degree does not guarantee a profitable future and an amazing job, and millions of students left with huge debts can confirm that. They can't find employment, they are struggling to meet ends, and they don't know how to pay the debt. 
On the other hand, getting an associate's degree will get you a well-paying job and secure your future as skilled trades are always in demand. The field is expected to grow in the near future so learning a skill seems as the most reasonable safe decision.  
I came across this clever article discussing vocational careers and how much they pay. I was surprised to learn how much you can earn with so little schooling. Take a look at 15 highest paying vocational careers with least amount of schooling

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