15 Countries with the Most Militarized, Heavily Guarded and Secure Borders in the World

Are you up to date with current political situation around the globe? Do you know which the most militarized area in the world nowadays is? Which are the countries that are in eternal conflict? Which are the most heavily guarded and most secure borders in the world?
Let’s get it one by one. You probably already have some regions in your mind. There are regions in the world with constant military presence for decades. Here is just one of the examples:

One of the most militarized zones in the world today appears to be Kashmir. Even though being an autonomous state, the question of “ownership” of Jammu and Kashmir area of India has been going on since after the WW2 and it is still a burning issue between China, India, and Pakistan concerning territorial division. Since almost 30 years ago, when the question of ‘azadi,’ or independence of Kashmir arose, the area of Jammu and Kashmir has been under the continual presence of Indian military troops. Apart from being the highest militarized zone nowadays, Kashmir is also the world’s largest militarized zone with the longest pending issue going on in the world right now.

You are probably asking now where the North Korea here is, and also Middle Eastern countries? On that matter, what’s going on with the US-Mexico border? What are Somali pirates doing now? Well, in order to find out about that, make sure to go through the 15 Countries with the Most Militarized, Heavily Guarded and Secure Borders in the World. And apart from the heavy issues on national conflicts and hatred you will also get to see some interesting facts about some unusual borders in the world, for example Vatican – Italy border and so on. 

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