6 Free Art Classes in NYC For Adults

It is impossible to be bored in New York City. It is always interesting to learn something new. As for me I always like learning new things: languages, embroidery, dog training, cooking or baking. The next thing would like to study is fruit and vegetable carving. I can imagine myself as I am waiting for my friends and I am cooking something delicious and carving some beautiful flowers and leaves as garnish. Actually there are so many classes you can enter in New York City – that no matter where you live or what your preferences are – for sure you can find something you will like. And what is more, you take art classes as well – for free! Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 free art classes in NYC for adults.

Nowadays everything is very expensive if not overpriced, but fortunately Insider Monkey can bring us some courses for we don’t have to pay. In order to give us good answers and opportunities, Insider Monkey consulted Class Curious. This site has an immense database of large numbers of classes, so we can ask for its help every time. We have picked three of the classes from Insider Monkey’s list: Afternoon Fiber by Cook’s Arts and Crafts; Come and Meet Us by PhotoUno Photography School, CloseKnit by Noble Maritime Collection. Afternoon Fiber by Cook’s Arts and Crafts is in Glendale, Queens 80-09 Myrtle Ave Btwn 80th & 81st Streets, New York, New York 11385. You can also check our list of 25 Free Classes in NYC for Adults.

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