25 Poorest Cities in America in 2017

Well, there are lots of places where people earn much less money than in other parts of the world. Wealth and income aren’t evenly distributed in the world, unfortunately. We can say ourselves rather lucky as we have a job and accommodation in cities that have a fairly decent annual median salary. While you can get much higher earnings in New York than the other places, the cost of living is relatively higher than anywhere else. When you plan to move somewhere naturally you consider the salary and costs of living in a certain region. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 poorest cities in America in 2017.

We have picked three items: Bay City, MI; Pueblo, CO; and El Centro, CA. Bay City, MI The annual median income is $27,198 here. While Bay City doesn’t have a high median salary, it has a rich and colorful culture with amenities and attractions. The next city we mention now is : Pueblo, CO. The annual median income is $27,003. Pueblo is not as big or bright as other cities we know of, but there are museums, festivals, and more others. And at last but not least we mention El Centro, CA. The annual median income is $26,960 in this city. You can also check our list of most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

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