16 Biggest Internet Hoaxes That Fooled The World

Without a shadow of a doubt the internet has advantages and disadvantages as well, everybody knows that. As for me when I began to use internet at home I believed lots of things that spread on the web. I didn’t know that there were lots of hoaxes which had various aims. Some of them are innocent, but other can cause lots of problems. For example you can read many times that somebody died, although it’s not true. So there are hoaxes that can cause devastating effects, and theses effects are very difficult if not impossible to stop. In order to get the right answer, Insider Monkey has consulted many sites to create a list of the biggest internet hoaxes of all time. The list was ranked by the average order in which they were ranked across sites. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of 16 biggest internet hoaxes that fooled the world.

The Montauk Monster, Bald for Bieber, and The last tourist. The Montauk Monster hoax started with a newspaper in July, 2008 in Montauk, New York. The story was about an unidentified dead creature washed up in the beach. Shortly after the story was written, there were photos on in the internet. People still haven’t got know what this creature was: raccoon, dog or something else. It has been a mystery and a hoax since then.The next one in our list now is bald for Bieber, originated from October of 2012, when a screenshot from the official Twitter of Entertainment Tonight was released on the internet. The news was the Justin Bieber had cancer. You can also check our list of 11 countries with most hackers and cyber criminals.

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