11 Easiest Garden Vegetables To Grow

More and more people want to turn back to the nature, and they begin to farm or control the land, or at least just a small garden. As for me I love gardening, I have lots of vegetables in my garden: cucumber, tomato, paprika, marrow, beans, peas, and so on. Also I have planted some delicious fruit, too such as strawberry and raspberry. It is such a nice feeling to see my plants to grow every day, and wait for eating them for the first time this year! I can hardly wait to eat my own vegetables. Insidermonkey experts made a complete list of 11 easiest garden vegetables to grow.

Beets are very easy to grow, they need lots of water. It is the best if you plant them in winter, and in spring it can grow fast. They begin sprouting within two weeks. Peppers are rather easy to treat, I always sow seeds into some soil in the end of winter, and in spring I can plant little plants into my garden. If you put aside some seeds from the peppers you grow every year, you don’t need to buy seeds again. At last but not least we mention spinach. Well, this delicious plant grows easily and fast, if you sow the seeds, you can eat spinach in three weeks. You can also check our list of 7 easiest dwarf fruit trees to grow in containers or mini garden.

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