10 Tech Jobs That Pay Over $200K A Year

It is very easy to achieve that sort of income as a doctor or lawyer, especially in cool areas. However, those take a lot of schooling (that will likely be expensive) and some smarts. The areas that you see young people earning large amounts are primarily tech and finance. Quite a few people are earning 200k+ within a couple years of graduation, but these jobs tend to be highly competitive and fairly intense. You have to really have a drive for what you're doing to find success in either of these. I just graduated last year and my friends in investment banking will have made about 140k in their first year and be likely to hit 200-300k+ once they switch to private equity or a hedge fund in another year. Insidermonkey experts made a list of tech jobs that pay over $200K a year.

Keep in mind though that 80 hours a week is the norm for these guys and that the process for getting such jobs is extremely competitive. Tech jobs are some of the most lucrative career paths you could follow. Technology is constantly changing and there’s always a need for more brainpower and innovation in any company. If you think about it, almost every company has some type of online or app presence, which means software developers are at the backed of this. I learned front-end software development a while ago and it was challenging but very rewarding. Knowing all about how websites and apps are created and function helped me gain a better understanding of the work I do on a day-to-day basis. You can also check our list of best-paying jobs for women in America.

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