10 Free Medical Training Programs in NYC

Are you interested in studying medicine but you are a little bit tight on your budget? If so, you will love the article about this topic. As for me I am not really involved in studying medicine as I have always been bad at chemistry, and math – so it is not my field, I am afraid. But I have always respected those who are very good at sciences and can spend long nights with studying these subjects. It is not only the question of abilities but many times the question of money, too. Fortunately you can find lots of training in New York City, but many times they are pretty expensive. If we add the costs of living to these expenditures – well, we can feel hopeless to study at medical training programs. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 free medical training programs in NYC.

In order to get the right information for their list, Insider Monkey consulted sites like the Department of labor of New York State, Thought Co., New York Public Library, Staartclass, and New York Times. As a matter of fact the list has no particular order for now, because each program has a different focus and there is no way to compare and rank them. We have chosen three medical training programs from the list: Phlebotomy, Nursing assistant Program, and Medical Billing and Coding. Phlebotomy is offered by Office of Adult and Continuing Education, and you can study lots of things here from infection control to electronic health records. You can also check our list of 25 free classes in NYC for adults.

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