10 Biggest Causes of Suicide in America: Poverty, Bullying, Mental Illness

It is a very sad topic but we should speak about it, too. What do you think the biggest causes are? We have already published an article in which we can find the great answers for this question. Committing suicide is very often some kind of cry out for help. There are people who “just” attempt suicide because they want other to pay attention to him, her. As for me I hope if someone needs my help – I will recognize it! I may not forgive myself if I didn’t. Fortunately I haven’t had to face suicide among my acquaintances so far. Most people think that those countries have the highest rates in depression and committing suicide that are completely poor and undeveloped. But it’s not true. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the biggest causes of suicide in America.

But the situation is that the suicide issue is a very deep and complex psychological issue that should be treated individually, rather than on a country level and depression is not easy to deal with since we are often not aware that some people may suffer from it. That’s why we are usually surprised when somebody commits suicide. So what are the reasons why people commit suicide? In order to get the right answer, we have consulted sites like American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Live Science, and Suicide. We have picked three causes from their list: Poverty, Bullying, Mental Illness. You can also check our list of 7 Facts About Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Suicide in the US.

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