16 Most Evil Countries of All Time

In many countries, there are monuments, ruined buildings as memorials that show many atrocities which happened in many wars. Nevertheless, some of the countries have reshaped their cities with modern architecture, and as a result, they have masked their evil history. Moreover, when we look at today’s political scene, all we can hear is America’s involvement in other countries’ issues, which makes us think it could be one of the most evil countries of all time. Maybe if we do a proper research we could find US as most evil, but we could not. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most evil countries of all time.

To create this list of most evil countries in the world, we have to define evil as a concept first. When we say evil country, what exactly do we have in mind? It makes us think about human rights violations, such as no freedom of speech, no freedom of media or presence of different types of political oppression. Moreover, committing of genocide though history is one of the major factors as well. If you feel interested you can also check out our list of Most Evil Companies in the US.

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