40 Best Albert Einstein Quotes on Life, Education and God

I think there is hardly anyone can be found in the world who wouldn’t know Albert Einstein. He was a real genius. As for me I have always admired him and his work, although I must confess I don’t really understand lots of things he taught. We all know he had super IQ and a very kind face with funny hair. But if we want to dig deeper into his beliefs, personality, and lifestyle, it is worth reading more about him. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting quotes said by Albert Einstein. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts on 40 best Albert Einstein quotes on life education and God.

Albert Einstein is famous in science mostly because of the theory of relativity, but even kids know about his mustache and specific hairstyle. His wife, Mileva, wasn’t so far behind as far as the knowledge and brains are concerned and some people even believe that many of Einstein’s patents are actually the inventions of Mileva herself, but she was unable to publish it by herself because of the gender issue that ruled at that time. But even so, no one can deny Albert Einstein’s brilliance. But besides being a smartass and married to Mileva, what else do you know about him? A person’s writings and quotes can tell a lot about them, as well as teach us so much, so be sure to check out Best Warren Buffet Quotes on Money You Need to Read also.

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