25 Best States For Accountants and Auditors

Sometimes, the grass really is greener elsewhere. A social and career community for accounting professionals, recently conducted extensive surveys and analysis to determine the very best American cities for accountants, including a calculation of average salaries. They took into account the competitiveness of the accountant market, the availability of accounting jobs, and even lifestyle elements like average commuting time. If you're thinking about relocating, or wondering where to look after college for accounting opportunities, Insidermonkey experts made a list of best states for accountants and auditors.

This may not come as a big surprise, given New York City is the finance capital of America. Here accountants will find a nice mix of big firms and small start-ups, along with more independent accounting opportunities than anywhere else in the country. Cost of living may be a bit high, but you'll be living in one of the greatest cities in the entire world. It's time to get in on the secret of the biggest names in finance, Houston. The biggest accounting and finance firms in the country have recently opened offices in Houston, along with many major energy companies, which are big-time accountant employers. You can also check our list of highest paying countries for accountants.

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