21 Best Lunch Spots in New York City Under $40 Per Person

I am a foodie, I mean I can sleep anywhere and wear torn clothes, but I must eat amazing. Otherwise, I just cannot function as a person in society and in my workplace. I am guessing I am not alone in this, and there are billions of others who think like me when it comes to food. However, today we will only talk about amazing lunch spots inside New York City. There are over eight million people living in New York City, and as you can imagine a huge number of those 8 million have to eat in a restaurant of some description. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best lunch spots in New York City under $40 per person.

I mean, breakfast and dinner you can get away with eating at home, however the entire working population of NYC must eat lunch outside. Not everyone can afford a full course expensive lunch at a fancy restaurant, not everyday at least. This is where these awesome lunch spots come in where you can eat quality food for within 40 dollars. I mean, 40 dollars is not something to scoff at, but still given the scope and scale of the city, 40 dollars is rather reasonable. If you are someone who has to take lunch outside, then I can easily recommend this article to you. You can also check our list of  romantic winter date ideas in New York City,

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