15 Countries with Dictatorships Today (Or on Their Way to Dictatorships)

Most countries in the world today lean towards democracy when it comes to government. However, that does not mean there are no dictatorships around the world. In fact, some countries are employing dictatorship under the guise of democracy. If you are interested in international politics, I am sure you will love the article that our researchers at insider monkey’s blog page put together. Thanks to the internet, information regarding these countries were not that hard to come by. Of course, most of these countries are quite secretive. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 countries with dictatorships today (or on their way to dictatorships).

But still people living there have ways to pass information through. But that is not what we are here to discuss. As I mentioned, if you are interested in international politics, then this article is a must read for you. By investing a mere 5 minutes of your time, you will learn a great deal about these countries which employ dictatorship as the form of government, either secretively or openly. I am in no position to make a comment about how a country should be run, but dictatorship is perhaps not the way forward. You can also check our list of 15 Weird North Korean Laws for Tourists.

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