15 Best Public High Schools in New York City

New York City is a home of many different cultures, manufactures, ethnic groups, basically, wherever you look, there is a diversity sparkle. And how diverse are public high schools in New York City?
Since New York City is divided into several different areas, which can lead to a decrease of diversity in schools, industries, et cetera. You can run into public schools where only black kids are going and also, public schools where you can’t find any black or Asian kid at all. Take a look at the Insidermonkey experts list of best public high schools in New York City.

But if you want your kid to be socially aware and grow up surrounded by all the different cultures and people, then one of the best public high schools you can aim him or her to is New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn. Not only that they already accepted over 3,000 students, but teachers and the staff, in general, adapted the whole educational system so no one will feel left out. There are highly educated teachers who are willing to help each student out with whatever problem they have, whether it is about the subject or some private one. You can also check our list of largest public high schools in New York City.

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